Friday, 6 March 2015

forever beautiful europe - waist training

For months and months I have desired to purchase a waist trainer from forever beautiful europe & I finally have! I am incredibly excited to start working out whilst wearing the latex sports training cincher, and to see results hopefully soon. I've always had a relatively small waist and a naturally curvy shape, but I would personally just like to enhance these features. I've always loved the old fashioned small waist, curvaceous figures, and the style that went with it such as high waisted skirts and dresses with built in corsets.

Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era, look how stylish those ladies are. Ah dreaming of such a life. 

I bought a size 30 (XS) which I'm pretty sure is around a 6/8. I was very un-certain about the sizes, but this is literally just about the perfect fit. It was quite a shock when I did up all the hooks, because it's such a tight fit, you do feel restricted as you would in a proper old fashioned corset. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to getting steps closer to a smaller waist. (This is my personal goal, I don't want anyone to think I encourage small waists as the only good figure look because it is not, it is only one of many and one that I favour).

I will do another review in a week or two discussing how it is working out so far! Stay put!

Monday, 23 February 2015


I don't know about you, but I find the transition from Winter to Spring the most uncomfortable of all seasons. Moving away from all the festivities and frost and into the wet, damp months of Spring, which always seems to drag. I can never get a grasp on what to do or wear, is it to cold for flats? do I need a coat? do I socialise or stay in and order a takeout?
Worst of all, at this time of the year you are way more likely to get ill and catch a cold. *sniff*. Yep, you got me, I'm ill. Shocker. 

I've spent the last week with my family up in Yorkshire which is just what I wanted after not seeing them for so long. Inappropriate conversations, laughs, shopping, was all well needed after being sick for a week and doing a bucket load of work. Now I am back home sniffing on a tissue, hoping to get better once and for all, when I realised I have a little over 2 months left of College before I am done. Forever. No Uni after that either! 

With such little time and so much to do before I leave, I am going to try and not let myself get caught up working 24/7 and maintain a balance which I have been able to keep since the year started. All I need is good coffee, style and nature to keep me going. (Not exactly sure how that trio came together, but hey it works for me!)

Talk later! 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

quick healthy breakfast

Recently breakfast is definitely my favourite meal. It fills me up and wakes me up -- leaving my ready to face the day. I also enjoy cooking when I first wake up, because starting the day being productive is quite motivating. 
I've come across a lot of people who aren't like this, they're not that fussed about eating breakfast in the morning, mainly because they don't have the time to cook before they jet off to work or college. 
I'm quite lucky with my timetable, I have only two early starts throughout the week (9am), or I start at 10am or later, giving me more time to eat. 

So I thought why don't I share with you what I eat most mornings and how I fit cooking it within a short amount of time. 

I literally always have eggs for breakfast, it's said that two eggs a day is good for you so hey! I'd say having poached eggs at home can sometimes feel like you're having a professionally cooked breakfast, I mean look at it... isn't that what you get when you're out??

I love to add mixed or Italian herbs onto my eggs, it just gives it an extra oomph if you get what I'm saying. Avocado is my happy food. Not a load of people like it, which I do get, because I never liked it, I found the texture too soft and weird, but now I add it to every salad I have or any meal! Yes I know, avocado is a fat, but it's a healthy fat. Which is something a lot of people forget, it's also low in sugars compared to other fruits and is full of protein, vitamins and minerals. So no wonder I enjoy having it with my breakfast. 

Into this small quick meal, I also added spinach but really you can have anything with it, a piece of wholemeal toast, tomatoes, anything! It all depends on what you feel like, how healthy you intend to be, & well how much time you have to spare. 

It only takes me 5 - 10 mins to create this meal, not even 10 minutes really! & I'm left feeling full, healthy and ready for the day. Add a cup of tea, coffee, fresh juice or water, & it's literally a 5 star meal. Well maybe I'm no food critic. 

Hope you liked this post! Have a good day my lovelies! 


Monday, 26 January 2015

clearer skin in a week?

About a week ago I had a massive breakout on my face. I have not had spots in months... so I was literally ready to cry. I was able to determine why this suddenly happened, and that was because of my diet. I've had a healthy and balanced diet for months now, every now and then I up it, or have cheat days, BUT I kind of lost it the other week, and was suddenly eating biscuits and chocolate everyday. Not good. 
So this takes me to my first advice for clearer skin [within a week]. 

-- It will help you a lot to find out why you have a breakout in the first place, that way you know where to start. Like myself, I had to detox & stop eating too much chocolate and too many biscuits. 
It may be because of the foundation you're wearing, the change in weather or it may just be, you know that time of the month. 

Above are a few essentials of what I used for the last week, that helped to clear my skin rapidly in just 7 days.

When you get a breakout, it is really important and just common sense to keep your face washed, and to make sure you don't touch the infected areas at all. What I did was only wore make up when I went to College, then I'd come home and take it off and apply spot cream. I normally just apply it before bed, so it'll work throughout the night. -- But applying it anytime you can helps a lot. 

I have oily-combination skin, & when the weather is immensely cold, I also get very dry skin. Yay. 
So most days I never moisturise because I don't need to, but during winter my skin can get very dry and dehydrated because of the cold weather, no matter how much water I drink. [I also find when you're trying to rid of spots and use spot cream, that also dries out your skin] - so I've found the Elemis hydra boost day cream to literally save my dried out skin. Apply it before putting on your makeup, wait for it to settle and it appears as if you've always had smooth glowing skin. I also have been using a natural olive cream before bed, which helps get rid of spot/ache scars which you may have had for a long time, or just after  you had a breakout.

One thing to keep in mind, is that moisturising your spots may close the pores back up, not allowing them to breathe. 

My biggest lifesaver over the 7 days, was green tea. I posted some links about the benefits of green tea in one of my previous posts, but once I started having a cup or two a day, my skin was rapidly clearing. 

I think drinking green tea and cutting chocolate and biscuits from my diet once again, really helped speed up the clearing of my skin. 
Also what I think we all need to remember and understand about having breakouts, is that they do happen, sometimes it's just a natural thing and there isn't really a reason as to why you have had one, and that everyones body/skin is different - we react differently to different products and methods. So everyones timings will be different, but here are my few tips that have worked for me personally. That doesn't always mean it'll work for you, but why not give it a try! 
& also remember, you have to be patient and not force yourself to go crazy over different methods, that could even end up making it worse! 

all my love