Monday, 26 January 2015

clearer skin in a week?

About a week ago I had a massive breakout on my face. I have not had spots in months... so I was literally ready to cry. I was able to determine why this suddenly happened, and that was because of my diet. I've had a healthy and balanced diet for months now, every now and then I up it, or have cheat days, BUT I kind of lost it the other week, and was suddenly eating biscuits and chocolate everyday. Not good. 
So this takes me to my first advice for clearer skin [within a week]. 

-- It will help you a lot to find out why you have a breakout in the first place, that way you know where to start. Like myself, I had to detox & stop eating too much chocolate and too many biscuits. 
It may be because of the foundation you're wearing, the change in weather or it may just be, you know that time of the month. 

Above are a few essentials of what I used for the last week, that helped to clear my skin rapidly in just 7 days.

When you get a breakout, it is really important and just common sense to keep your face washed, and to make sure you don't touch the infected areas at all. What I did was only wore make up when I went to College, then I'd come home and take it off and apply spot cream. I normally just apply it before bed, so it'll work throughout the night. -- But applying it anytime you can helps a lot. 

I have oily-combination skin, & when the weather is immensely cold, I also get very dry skin. Yay. 
So most days I never moisturise because I don't need to, but during winter my skin can get very dry and dehydrated because of the cold weather, no matter how much water I drink. [I also find when you're trying to rid of spots and use spot cream, that also dries out your skin] - so I've found the Elemis hydra boost day cream to literally save my dried out skin. Apply it before putting on your makeup, wait for it to settle and it appears as if you've always had smooth glowing skin. I also have been using a natural olive cream before bed, which helps get rid of spot/ache scars which you may have had for a long time, or just after  you had a breakout.

One thing to keep in mind, is that moisturising your spots may close the pores back up, not allowing them to breathe. 

My biggest lifesaver over the 7 days, was green tea. I posted some links about the benefits of green tea in one of my previous posts, but once I started having a cup or two a day, my skin was rapidly clearing. 

I think drinking green tea and cutting chocolate and biscuits from my diet once again, really helped speed up the clearing of my skin. 
Also what I think we all need to remember and understand about having breakouts, is that they do happen, sometimes it's just a natural thing and there isn't really a reason as to why you have had one, and that everyones body/skin is different - we react differently to different products and methods. So everyones timings will be different, but here are my few tips that have worked for me personally. That doesn't always mean it'll work for you, but why not give it a try! 
& also remember, you have to be patient and not force yourself to go crazy over different methods, that could even end up making it worse! 

all my love

Sunday, 25 January 2015


January is coming to an end & as we're nearly a month into the year, I thought I'd do a little 'update post'... if that makes any sense at all.

I am pretty proud to say that I have been sticking to my new years resolutions pretty well. There's been a few days where I may have slacked a bit, but then you just have to find ways to re-motivated yourself.

College hasn't been too stressful at all! Which is weird, I think it's just simply because I've been keeping up to date with all my work, and I'm feeling confident that by May I will have done my best in my subjects. Being this organised, has meant that I have been able to take more time to relax, & recharge. Which sometimes may seem like I'm being lazy or unsocial, but really I'm so exhausted all the time, I really value the time I have off.

I've also been spending time looking at holidays and trips that I intend to go on during summer and throughout the rest of the year, which makes me really excited & gets me thinking of all the posts, photography and lookbooks I'd love to do in different places.

Not too much has happened but I've been feeling really good and thinking positively about how this year is going so far, other than feeling unwell at some points.

One thing I've been telling myself, is to take it day by day. This way I've been feeling a lot less overwhelmed and stressed.


I hope you're year is going well & is continuously filled with smiles and laughter!

my go-to drinks

I rely on detox drinks, teas, infused waters etc etc -- so much, to keep me feeling hydrated and refreshed 24/7.

So I thought that I would share my current go-to drinks.

First off something to have when you're feeling a little peckish! This week I made a basic raspberry and banana smoothie, which I managed to make in under 5/10 minutes.

- 1 medium banana
- small box of raspberries
- milk
- unsweetened orange juice
- thick yoghurt [I used neo valley low fat strawberry yoghurt]

What I love about thick smoothies, is that they're filling, they last a while and you can keep them in the fridge for later. They are the perfect alternative to snacking if you are on a health kick, or aren't in the mood for in particular. The sweet flavours and the texture almost make it a small meal rather than a drink.
I find making a smoothie once or twice a week is quite a treat, especially as food here in the UK can be quite expensive, and you practically use all of the one whole packet, so there's none for later.


My second go-to drink is one that has many health benefits and is very popular, green tea.
I never used to like herbal teas years ago, but when I learnt about the health side of them and the variety that you could get, I was curious.

A few benefits I learnt of about green tea are listed on these sites below -
[yes I'm being a little lazy, but there's a lot of info! & probably explained better on those sites]



Sunday, 4 January 2015

Berry nice smoothie to start my day

Now where on banana island has 2014 gone... that year just flew by I feel it never even happened! I would do a re-cap of my year, if more interesting things had happened, the main event of 2014, was probably Barcelona and my 18th birthday. So there you go. Har har.

The end of my 2014 got me reflecting about a lot of things, and then thinking about the silly things, like worrying about going back to College and feeling the need that you must re-invent yourself for the new year -- and then there was me also thinking about the future more than the past. Where do I see myself in 6-  12 months time? When I finish College, do I get a job? Travel? Rest? How am I going to commit to my blog and finish College with good grades? 
I had a great Christmas and New Year break, I spent it with family relaxing [& sleeping]. 
And now I feel I have entered 2015 with a fresh mindset. A motivated happy one. Time will only tell how long that'll last, but then I am the one who needs to get into a routine of balance between priorities, and I also need to make sure I take time for myself as well.

I am going to work my ass off for College, getting things done early rather than later... and literally allocate timings to work on my blog, I'm not going to make any promises for what you can expect from me this year, but to put it vaguely, it'll be surrounding health, lifestyle, fashion & travel. How I'm going to combine them, and make them specific, instead of quite random... well I'm still working on that, but what I can promise you is I am really going to try this year to make my blog something you can really enjoy.

So I am going to shut up now, and get on with what this post is really about!

OH & happy new year!


New years resolutions... I find they're more of a to-do list, rather than specific goals you want to achieve. I also find myself writing a few to many down, so this year I only wrote 2.
1. Be happy for you.
2. Healthy lifestyle.

Good news! 4 days into the year and I'm still sticking with them! The reason being healthy has been pretty straightforward is because I've surrounded myself with good food, and active activities.

One example could be the fact I bought a Morphy Richards blender! So I've been indulging in health drinks and smoothies for the last day.

I'm no expert with smoothies or health drinks but I hope I will be one day.
This basic smoothie I made this morning, which I call Berry nice smoothie, [get the pun? ha]-
is made up of:

1/2 banana
Tbsp of honey
2 tbsp of milk

Very simple. All you do - put it in the blender. Then it's done!

The smoothie is a nice thick texture, resulting in your feeling quite full, so you don't feel peckish and snack on unnecessary foods. It's also long-lasting, by that I mean it's not a drink that just disappears after 5/10 minutes, so you can indulge on this berry heaven for a while!

Is your new years resolution to be healthy or have an all round healthy lifestyle?
If it is you are in luck. I will be posting 1 or 2 smoothie recipes each week. Sometimes they might be the same one done differently, but it does not matter in my mind, because it's always just motivation! Something to inspire another.

See you soon!

Sunday, 7 December 2014



Currently suffering with a cold, I am going through my pictures from my trip to Barcelona last week, trying to lift my mood, and to finally do a post about it! I've been to Spain before, many years ago when I was younger and I don't remember it too well, partly because of my age, and the trip was for my Dads work. Years have passed and I've learnt Spanish in school and grown to love the Spanish/Latin culture. Spain is one of the many places I had desired to explore, and I was so excited when my Mum told me that as a gift for my 18th, we will be going to Barcelona!

As this was such a last minute trip, I barely prepared and planned. So the best photographs I took were on my iPhone 5. So I decided to do an "Insta diary" of my trip to Barcelona.

So here's something you might want to know about me -- wan.der.lust 
I want to travel. I desire to, it's what I am definitely going to do... But, I'm also an anxious traveller. I get nervous and homesick, bad combination for someone with that wanderlust fever. So I was very unsure of how to go about this, but once we had gotten to the hotel my first thoughts were -- "mm this is very nice...", I started feeling very relaxed, happy and just ready to go out into Barcelona and embrace it all.

Of course we travelled there at the end of November, and although it's Spain that didn't mean it'd be boiling hot, but to my surprise that didn't change my view on this amazing city.

Taking a taxi from our hotel, we head to the Placa De Catalunya, the centre which is surrounded by many streets. Overwhelmed by the gorgeous festive lights and the livelihood, we head down the Av. Portal D'angel. A street filled with stores, including my favourite brands, which Spain is their hometown, Zara and Mango. First thing we do -- shopping. Second thing we do -- eat.

Continuing down the street, we are headed straight for a beautiful bar and restaurant, called the Cer el Cle. With indoor seating, sushi bar, terrace seating, with views of the streets and beautiful buildings and an outdoor bar, I felt utterly delighted that was the first place we had stumbled across on our first evening. Wine, tapas, a view -- all on the first night, no wonder I felt so at peace.

After a perfect first night in Barcelona, we were up and ready the next morning to get out and explore the many, many streets in the city.

Oh how I wish I was able to name the exact street we went to, the exact locations of shops and bars, but with all the streets drawing you in, some small and narrow, some big and wide, like the Las Ramblas -- I just couldn't keep track. & In all honesty, half the time, most of the time I had not a clue where the heck we were.

Graffiti and street art, are frowned upon by authorities and perhaps some people as well, but with that beautiful artistic ability, I don't see why. I loved seeing places, walls, old broken buildings, being brought back to life with images and art.

This is one of the things I loved about the streets of Barcelona, the need for life, liveliness -- there was something new, something interesting in every place you looked.

I am a sucker for outdoor bars and restaurants. The whole atmosphere I just find perfect, it's so refreshing -- connecting indoor living with outside. There's nothing better than this in the right location and time. 

Drinks at 2:00pm... Talk about the right time, eh.

I was the happiest girl when I found this place. It was in a movie I had seen when I was younger. It was this place, as to why I fell in love with Barcelona. There's no point in me explaining as to why I did. It's all there in that picture.

One thing I found out about this place is that they do Flamenco shows there in the evening. Unfortunately I didn't get to go to one, as the trip was quite short, and we hadn't enough time to do this. But I can assure you when I return to Barcelona next year... *fingers crossed*, I will see one of the shows.

This was without doubt the cutest little local bookshop I have ever come across. This picture does not do it any justice, for which I am partly to blame, oops.

For our last night we trekked down one of Barcelona's famous streets, the Las Ramblas, where we found a beautiful large square, surrounded by restaurants and bars, it was decorated beautifully and felt like typical holiday nightlife, just not the clubbing kind...

On our last day, was the first we'd actually eaten in our hotel, because we had been so eager every day to get on with it and go explore, we'd eat out. 

After this breakfast buffet in the hotel -- I was quite gutted we didn't eat there more. Mainly because my favourite part of any hotel is the breakfast buffets... There's always next time!
We had a panoramic view of the city around us, which was absolutely incredibly. 

The last thing we did before leaving Barca, was head back to the Cer el Cle, where we spent our first night, and had a few drinks and tapas! 

This terrace bar, is the number 1 place I'd recommend you go to if you're visiting Barcelona. 

One thing I have not mentioned is that, we had also gone on a bus tour that took us through the major parts of Barcelona, such as the Sagrada Família, the marina, the football stadium etc -- The reason there not being photographs of these, is because I filmed this part of the sightseeing instead. So hopefully, if my film editing skills aren't too bad, I shall be able to share that with you soon. 

Adiós mis amores

Sunday, 19 October 2014

ELF Studio//warm edition

elf studio - 48 piece little black beauty book

Eyeshadow has never gotten me so excited before, that I just had to buy it... Usually I just don't want to spend a lot of money on something I'm pretty crap at doing, but when I was in TK-maxx & I came across this elf studio eyeshadow box, I was a little bit curious, as I have been using a very cheap bronze eyeshadow for the last few months. So I had a peak at it and fell in love with all the warm neutral tones. For only £3.99 I had to buy it, it has the perfect combination of colours for the autumn winter season.

I have to warn you about how hopeless I am at eyeshadow, I will never learn the proper way of applying it, I kind of just go with it spontaneously... I don't think I did too bad of a job though! For this basic look I simply just used 3 different tones of browns, a deep purple and a white/nude to highlight the tip of my eyelid. 

(FYI, I only did one eye).